Senior Financial Group

Working with the staff at Senior Financial Group was a lot of fun. I got them setup with a WordPress + Elementor powered website. Then I built out all the global elements of the site (i.e. header, footer, page templates, etc). From there, I worked with their marketing coordinator, Sarah Wilkins. Sarah was able to work on all of her content while I assisted her wherever she needed it.

Examples of the assistance I provided Sarah included:

  • Coding out the backend interface for adding staff members as well as building out the frontend display.
  • Setting up a button shortcode for dynamically linking to their Webinar registration page.
  • Assisting with more complex page layouts and designs.

The collaboration on this project worked out really well. Our typical workflows revolved around Zoom calls where we would go over Sarah’s needs and the things we’d been working on. Then we would add items to our various “todo” lists in Basecamp. From there we would work independently, touching base as needed. All-in-all, this build took us around four months as Sarah’s team refined their goals and content while I made sure everything was fine-tuned on the site.