Center for Cultural Discipleship

Stacie H. Johnson, Founder of the Center for Cultural Discipleship (CCD), came to me needing help with the site she had setup on While I think offers a decent product, I work with many clients who are overwhelmed by all the options as well as hamstrung by the interface on that service. They need someone to do it all for them, and that’s where I come in.

With regards to the site for CCD, Stacie was looking for a clean, minimalist look that mirrors her communication style. So I got to work building out a site that captured her vision and will quickly get visitors up-to-speed on the mission and capabilities of the organization.

For this site, I utilized Elementor/Elementor Pro plus the Hello Elementor Theme. In addition, we also brought over the Jetpack plugin to maintain her newsletter subscribers who originally signed up on the site. All-in-all, the build on this site took us about a month while we worked on gathering and publishing content as well as juggling our busy schedules.