BizBot – Find Local Pros at the Speed of Chat

This past year while we were all in COVID-lockdown, I found time to build out an idea that had been in my head for quite some time. The BizBot is a chatbot website which lets visitors search for local service professionals by entering their zip code.

The BizBot lets your customers find you via our customer chatbot interface.

The zip code search technology behind The BizBot is based off of the same technology I developed for Since 2012, has generated over $71,000,000 in donations to non-profits around the country. The concept behind that site is to make the donation process as simple as possible. You enter your zip code, select a donation pick up provider, and submit your donation details. Then the system connects you with the people who will come by to pick up your donation.

With The BizBot, I’m taking the same concept and applying it to local businesses in virtually any service sector. In other words, The BizBot connects people searching on Google with businesses who can help them. For example, if you’re looking for a plumber, electrician, HVAC installer, etcetera, I’ve designed the site to work with a Google Ad campaign where the user clicks on the ad and can quickly find a service provider for his or her area. Once they enter their info, I forward it on as an exclusive lead to the business signed up for servicing the particular zip code and industry.

If you’re a business that could benefit from an extra 2-20 (depending on the industry) exclusive customer leads a month, contact us today to find out more about getting listed on The BizBot. For more information on The BizBot, visit us at

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