HowTo: Convert Your PDFs to HTML (Hint: Work With Humans)

We’ve got a client who publishes a bi-monthly print magazine. He provides us with the PDF and all the graphical assets used to produce it. Then it’s our job to take those assets and get the online version published. You can see our work at

Short of someone nailing an AI implementation of this process (which I’ve yet to find), our method is the most straightforward solution you will find. Just send us your stuff, and we get to work following the process we’ve worked with you to perfect. We’re optimized to grab your copy without grabbing any extraneous items that are often “sprinkled” throughout a print publication. We intelligently reproduce your articles so that the whole process is handled start-to-finish.

As far as our aforementioned client is concerned, this process has worked like clockwork for the past three years. Whatsmore, our solution is significantly cheaper than an automated solution that his publisher tried to pitch to him.

Given that we’ve got the process and the staff to pull this off, I’m writing this in case there are others like my client out there. Are you a publisher in need of an online version of your print magazine? If so, talk to us. We can get your issues published on your existing website, or if you need us to build your online zine, we can do that too. Then you can rely on us any time you’ve got a new issue that needs publishing on the web.

Schedule a call with us today to discuss your online publishing needs.

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