Convert Your Website to WordPress and Elementor

Lately we’ve helped out several clients by converting their websites over to a WordPress + Elementor setup. One client for example was using Wix as their website platform, we took what they had and re-built it with WordPress and Elementor. Another client had a WordPress-powered site that was using WP Bakery. In both cases, the client didn’t feel comfortable editing their site. The solution was to do a re-build.

Now each client is much more confident making their own edits. What’s more, when they have ideas they can’t implement themselves, we’re able to build out new pages and features much quicker because WordPress + Elementor is a great combo for developers like us too.

Given all of the above, I’ve setup a new service offering on Fiverr for converting your website to WordPress and Elementor. It’s a clear-cut service offering that we’re finding is more-and-more in-demand. In a growing number of cases, we’re finding new clients are asking for this service by name as everyone is becoming more familiar with Elementor. In other cases, they’re coming to us looking for an easy-to-edit website. It only takes a 3 minute demo of WordPress and Elementor to show how easy editing your own site can be.

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