How we reduce friction for our clients

During our initial meeting with you, the Wenmark Team learns about your business and formulates a plan as to how we can best help you. We’re thorough. We ask you things like:

  • Do you know where you have your company domain registered?
  • Who handles your DNS?
  • Do you have your logo in a “vector” format?
  • How do you use your online presence to acquire new customers or clients for your business?
  • Moving forward, do you want to be making updates to your website, or is that something you want us to handle for you?

All of the above represent some of the “friction” points, both acute and chronic, we “grease” for you. Using our vast technical and practical web expertise, we move your online presence from a mishmash of starts and stops into a fine-tuned machine churning out results for your organization.

Here’s a closer look at some of the services we provide:

Domain “Wrangling” and DNS Management

Do you know where your domain is registered and how to make it work for you?

If you don’t know the answer to the first part of that question (i.e. where your domain is registered), it’s okay, many of our clients are the same way when we start working with them. It’s our job to help you get a handle on the nuts and bolts of your online presence, and it starts with helping you with your domain(s).

We help you locate where you currently have them registered. Sometimes we find that you’ll be better served if you move your domains from your current registrar into a centralized account just for your domains. That’s especially true if you’ve got your domain registered at the same place where you host your website. Keeping your domains separate from your hosting gives you flexibility to change web hosts without having to worry about your actual domain.

Mentioning this also reminds me that we help you understand the difference between your domain (i.e. your .com, .net, .org, etc) and your website. Knowing that helps us be nimble when we’re coming up with ideas and solutions for you.

In addition to the basic domain “wrangling” I describe above, we also know DNS. Those are the records associated with your domain. They handle things like pointing your domain to your website or handling where emails sent to your domain get routed. Knowing how that works means we can do things like launch your new website without breaking your email or other services attached to your domain.

Online Marketing (Google and Facebook)

Have you ever taken a look at what it takes to run an effective ad campaign on Google or Facebook? It’s one part art (i.e. getting your message out skillfully), and it’s one part science (there are a myriad of settings in there).

Running an effective marketing campaign is one part Art and one part Science. Wenmark Digital helps you with both.

Lead Nurturing

An often overlooked facet of online marketing, lead nurturing pertains to how you handle an incoming lead from your campaigns. Once you’ve got a well-oiled Google Ad or Facebook Ad campaign that’s sending you new customer contacts, it’s absolutely vital to have systems in place to handle those leads. Otherwise, they get lost.

This where our lead nuturing software comes into place. Our backend customer relationship management (CRM) has powerful features like automated nurturing campaigns that can include text messaging, emails, and phone calls. We can set things up so your incoming leads receive a text message from you as soon as they’ve submitted a form, follow that up with an email, and even have our system call you so you can be automatically connected with the lead.

What’s more, we build out dashboards in our system to show you your sales pipeline. See where in the process your incoming customers are getting stuck so you can eliminate bottlenecks and close more deals.

Website Development and Management

For our clients who use us to handle their entire web presence, we build their website(s) using tools which allow us to react quickly. We’re able to build out their sites, add new sections, or publish a new page with a very quick turn-around. Typically, the only holdup to the speed we can work is our clients’ getting us their content. From there, we iterate quickly and work with our clients to build out site features to their specs.

In addition, to making the frontend of their website look and perform well, we also take care of the backend all the way down to the server. Our managed hosting service performs daily file and database backups of our sites. In addition, our team also is adept at working on servers via their Unix commandline. From the server OS all the way to the frontend display of your site, we’ve got you covered.

Ongoing Strategy Meetings

During 2020, we all got more adept and comfortable with virtual meetings. Yes, we’ve all suffered from “Zoom fatigue”, but used judiciously, they’re a great assist when working with us, your web development team.

We meet with our clients to strategize and “get things done”. I can’t count the times we’ve met with clients, they’ve brought up a change request, and they’re delighted to find it’s something we can handle right before their eyes while we’re on a call.

For things that we can’t adjust/edit/fix in the “blink of an eye”, we use Basecamp to manage our projects. Each of our clients get their own Basecamp project where they’re able to add items to our queues, post files, and start discussions. It’s a focused environment where we all gather to move the needle for our clients’ online presence and vision.

Let us reduce your online friction

The above paints a good general picture of how we help our clients. Perhaps you’ve seen yourself in some of the scenarios above. Bringing the Wenmark Team onboard means you’re adding a highly skilled team of web engineers to your company. Our expertise allows us to handle all manner of problems and issues related to being online. We utilize tools and systems to make your team’s interface with us as painless as possible. We don’t expect you to be experts in all things web, that’s our job. Instead, we learning your business, and applying our expertise to help you grow.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.

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